Expressing Emotions
Looking at my character

To speak to another person 'tis simply this: Press ' Then you may type what you wish to say. Finish it with and you'll be speaking.

To speak privately to another person 'tis simply. Press the double quotation mark " You'll then have to perfectly spell the person's name whom you wish to whisper to. Once that name has been spelled, press . Then you may type what you wish to say. Finish it with and the winds shall carry off your words unto your intended's ear.

Then press to see the emotions.
Press the letter of that emotion. For example to express joy, press

To look at something, Press That is all. Be aware that this is an inspection of what is directly in front of you. So you must be almost kissing that which you wish to observe. For creatures you can also click on them to get their name, and some paths can learn the ability to find out even more about them.

To pick something up, 'tis simple: Stand on top of what you want, then press , That is all. If there are several items on the floor, you can pick them all up at one time by pressing and at the same time.

Press to drop something, then press to see what you're carrying. Once you see the item you want to drop, type its letter. For example, if a wooden sword is the first object on your list. To drop it, press . Many items can be bundled together in piles. If you wish to drop all the items in a bundle you can press while you press to drop all.

To swing your weapon, press Be aware that this is an attack of what is directly in front of you. So you must be almost kissing that which you wish to beat up. Not fast enough for your frustrations?

Have some food, or magical herbs in your inventory you wish to use? Or perhaps a weird item that someone told you to use? Press and then press to view all your items. Type the letter next to that item which you wish to use. Be warned that several items, including paper, can only be used once.

Wield your bow by pressing Then press to see which item is in your bow. Type the letter beside your bow. Press to shoot an arrow from a sheath that you are carrying.

To take something off, press then press to see which item you want off. Type the letter that is to the left of that object.

"Those wishing to order their families, first ordered their own persons." -Confucius

Hey, what are you carrying? Press to see.

If you want more information about your character, press It will show which Path you've taken, or Peasant if you've chosen none. It will also list what weapon, armor, helm, and objects in your hands. Press to see more.

Below that you have your Vitality, the lower it is the easier you could be slain. Next is your Mana, which is your collection of magical energy within the Nexus. After your Mana is your Hit probability. The greater it is, the more accurate you are with a weapon. Damage is a measure of how badly you can pulverize a foe. AC, Armor Class is how vulnerable you are. When your AC goes down, which happens from wearing armor, someone cannot hurt you as easily. And finally Next level shows how much experience you must accumulate to break through this level, to be reborn into a more powerful being.


Interactive help
Speak to those around you
Whisper to someone
Express an emotion
Pick up
Pick up an item 
or press Space
Equip, eat, read/write
See what you're carrying
Open or close a door
Give an item to somebody
Examine yourself 
Take off
Take off something

Pick up all
Pick up everything
Shout to everyone in the Kingdom 
List your magic spells
Change order
Move your belongings around
Form a covenant with someone
Post on a local board
Ride a horse
Throw something
Examine something you possess
Change magic
Reorder your spell list
Drop all
Drop everything
Group status
Change whether you want to join a group
Hand all
Give all of one object
Cast a spell
Fast Magic
Instant spell cast
+ -
Fast Speech
Speech macro
Look back through your conversations
Adjust your world view
Ignore or listen to all whispers
Adjust sound volume
Ignore a specific person
Change several options
Sense heroes
Who is in the Kingdom
Leave the Kingdom