Nexus client Wallpapers Facemaker

Enjoy the beautiful and stunning art work associated with Nexus by downloading your own copy of these wonderful wallpapers!

Download Nexus Portrait Maker (446KB)

The Nexus FaceMaker application allows you to define yourself, and show a new side to your character. This feature is free, and available to all registered characters!

To have your own portrait in Nexus simply follow these steps:

1) Download the free FaceMaker application.

2) Install the application on your computer.

3) Run the application. (You must run in administrator mode on Windows 7/Vista by right clicking the program and selecting the option from the menu)

4) In the first window select the image file you wish to get your portrait from.

     If you don't already have a image for your portrait you can use a screenshot, or make one with any popular paint application including the free "Paint" program which comes with Windows.

5) Once the window is open select the area to turn into your portrait with the targetting box.

6) You will then be presented with a list of characters used on your computer.

7) Select one, and Face Maker will save the file to the correct location, and in the correct format!

That's it! You can now log on your character and see your own portrait by clicking on your character!