Server & Client Patch - September 26th, 2016

** 'Mage Appreciation Week' begins **
- Group Exp. compensated when a mage joins the group
- Special fragile orbs available for mages (free from Woonsoo)
- Fragile orb of mage invoke: aether reduced by half
- Fragile orb of scourge
- Fragile orb of ripple: enables damage overflow on mobs
- Fragile orb of sul slash: vita/mana based attack
Updating will continue as necessary. Please provide feedback.

- Funny Bone Festival ends.
- Banked MQ run extended for another week.
- Fragile orb of Inspire converted to permanent inspire.
- Fragile orb of scourge ripple, supress, paralyze ripple, ASV removed.
- Fragile orb of whirlwind ripple, lethal strike ripple removed for now.