Server & Client Patch - August 26th, 2016

- MQs can be performed twice a day & two Daily Coins dispatched per day

- Woonsoo gives you an option to consume saved up MQs (No exp. or Daily Coins given with this option. Available for one month only) Further MQ rollover is removed.

- Experimental Kruna item: Experience Envelope that will hold and restore1 Bil. Exp., cost: 5 Daily Coins or 1 Big Malga, can be purchased from Woonsoo. Used to sell more Exp. than Max. Tradable (Nah...)

- Experimental Kruna item: Fragile Orb of Mercenary Warrior, non group use, cost: 5 Daily Coins or 1 Big Malga from Woonsoo. (U)se the orb to summon and dismiss mercenaries.