Server & Client Patch - August 5th, 2016

Patch Aug 5th, 2016

* Auto target added
1. tab + use arrow keys to target + tab
auto target mode engaged
green box = friend, red box = monster
2. cast series of spells without 'Enter'
3. pressing tab targets the next friend/monster
4. Esc ends auto target mode
(Saving one finger at a time. Kru)

* Chu Layn is back

* Daily coins for random boxes (Experimental, Kru may reclaim the random prizes, even though it's highly unlikely.)

* Shredder NPC that can destroy any items you don't want (Experimental, but the destroy is permanent. Use at your own risk)

* Inspire spell is reverted back, and the fragile orb of inspire is available again. Available for Poet 60+ for the cost of 1000 gold and 6 ambers for 3 days. Mana backflow, 10 sec aether, 10% cost of given mana imposed on the caster. If the caster doesn't have enough mana, the receiver will bear the cost. Please provide feedback on the orb spells, so we can make the permanent changes.