For this year's anniversary, we have the usual Wisdom Star, Wisdom Clothes, Anniversary Swords, and Fireworks.

Asmodi & Iron Hands Part. 2 will start right after the anniversary.

What's different this year is:
- Level 98 and below will receive double exp. on top of the WS. (4X).
- Opening of Tangun: At level 5, the inn NPC can send you out. (Tangun might stay open after the anniversary, or will close and reopen after possible glitches are ironed out)
- Anniversary play: During the anniversary, a special NPC will be available in Tangun that will let unregistered characters (Level 49 and below) play Nexus without any restrictions for free, for 5 days.

All of us are quite nervous about letting unregistered players roam Nexus freely with no restrictions. We are doing it since this will greatly help us plan for the future. Please do not exploit or abuse the possible bugs and glitches, but report them.

Thank you.