Server & Client Patch - June 2nd, 2016

Manchuria updated with the new name, Malgalod.

Replaced spell casting orbs, with the new ones:
- Orb of Paralyze Ripple : Paralyzes surrounding monsters of friend
- Orb of Whirlwind Ripple: Double Whirlwind, front and back (leaves 10% vita, regardless of alignment)
- Orb of Lethal Strike Ripple: Double Lethal Strike, front and back
- Orb of ASV: ASV one cast
- Orb of Restore: Restore aether reduced in half

Loosened up the area, no BOD, no PK, weaker mobs added.

Insignia requirement for the orb has been cut in half, but gold required, with or without the Big Malga. (Old Insignias and Manchu are accepted but can't be used combined with the new ones)

Monsters only targeting switched to friends only targeting.

Minor fixes for clans.