Server & Client Patch - May 27th, 2016

- Spell Macro can now accomodate 20 slots in total, using the CTRL key. And the slots will accepts the items as well as spells!!

- Machurians are angry. Expect the battles will be more challenging. Be careful. Deaths may sting you harder. However, someone might give you the chances to experience the spells that you always dreamed of.
(The name 'Manchuria' might change to something more historically compliant next time)
(Also this is temporary and experimental)

- Portrait file will be properly saved

- Now you can target monsters only, excluding the players, using Shift + Arrow keys.

- Gauntlet hours adjusted, 30 minutes before the carnages.

- Fixed some deposit issues.

- Minor updates for:
Sun moon clan, Alizarin clan, SanSin clan, Oceana clan, Destiny clan
Viper clan, Pheonix clan, Pegasus clan, Covenant clan, Tiger clan
Subpath Muse