Server Reset - March 10, 2016

* With St. Patrick's day fast approaching, rumors of Lucky heading back to the kingdoms are making their rounds. Several shop keepers in the kingdom are going to be celebrating the holiday as well with a few tasks they need help with. St. Patrick's seasonal items will also be back. Keep on the lookout next week!

* We've been hard at work fixing those pesky client bugs still lingering. Coming with the next patch will be a fix for the disappearing monsters (enjoy them while they last!), a fix for situations where putting on a head accessory causes a face accessory to disappear, and fixes to address a few coats where feet are still drawn beneath them. Don't see your fix here? Let us know what's still broken and we'll try to get it into the next patch too!

* Fix for Sally's quest that may have caused a monster to be assigned that was not possible to kill. If this happened to you and you're still stuck on it, let us know and we can get you sorted out. Going forward all options should be possible.

Minor updates for:
- Chongun subpath
- Monk subpath
- Barbarian subpath