Server Reset - December 19, 2014


* As a reminder, Santa Mhul is being held this year on the following days:
12/19 - 7:00pm pst - 11:00pm pst (10:00pm est - 2:00am est) - Friday
12/20 - 3:00pm pst - 7:00pm pst (6:00pm est - 10:00pm est) - Saturday
12/21 - 4:00pm pst - 8:00pm pst (7:00pmest - 11:00pm est) Sunday

* Wisdom Star: This year the wisdom star will run from Friday, December 26th through Friday, January 2nd. Vortex bosses will be scared as usual.

* Christmas itemshop items have been released. Also be sure to check out some items on sale for the first time

* Chu Layn has left the Dae shore. For where? Who knows..

Minor updates for:
- Nagnang army and palace