Not so Little Shop

Feeling immensely terrible with all thatís happened, Taik Pae moved out of his brotherís shop and left the big city altogether. He found peace in the arms of his forever-devoted Dashae, who wouldnít turn away from him no matter what.

Although happiness of seeing his beloved has eased the pain somewhat, Taik Pae still feels awful about disregarding elemental advice. Now that the balance is restored, he settled in a far corner of Kinung. Dashae has freed up one of the spare rooms and a small kiln was set up there creating a cozy work area.

Taik Pae wishes to seek forgiveness of the people through dedication and hard labor. He is often seen making a weapon for a passing adventurer and thereís hardly ever any talk about the mystery of Phoenix ore.

It appears that Taik Pae has abandoned all his old plans and is truly content with this new life. However...those that know him well might have their doubts.

Will the smith be able to resist the allure of glory or will he play with fire once again? Only time will tell.