Our World is whole once again

King Mhul has been saved through the valiant efforts of the citizens of Kingdom of the Winds. In particular, Salgoud who found Mhul's body and Nobiz, who along with his wife Toxuen and friend Ralphey wrestled Mhul's soul from the clutches of Mupa's soul collector.

As the last of Phoenix shards have been returned to the Temple of Elements, our world is whole once again. The black holes connecting us with the other world have been sealed and life as we know it has resumed. People of this world have provided great assistance to the Alt Kugnae, saving countless lives and restoring hope. With Mupa now gone, Alt Kugnae has a chance to turn around.

East Gate Resistance will no doubt finish their noble deed and lead their world into flourishing.

What about our world? Well… Here Mupa is still at large.