Sword of Phoenix and Rising Chaos

Taik Pae broke his word when he promised Elemental Guardians that he wouldn`t take any of the Phoenix ore. Stealing just one small piece from the Domain of Fire may have seemed insignificant to him at the time, but Taik Pae received a harsh wake-up call when the sword he foolishly created brought about chaos and imbalance. Now abandoned and alone, Taik Pae is no longer the cheerful, happy-go-lucky man we`ve met a year ago. He is sad and confused and forsaken.

Taik Pae used Phoenix ore in making the smelt for the sword he made for King MuHyul. Albeit his intentions were good, all he wanted was to show his devotion presenting King with the most powerful sword in existence, he in fact handed King MuHyul a sword that could not hold even one blow.

King MuHyul swung The Sword with a mighty powerful force; as blade came in contact with the pile of wood it has shattered into innumerable bits and pieces, each flaming with the unrestrained flame. The impact was so strong, that it brought our world to a still. Otherworldly storms have risen and engulfed Kingdoms in complete darkness.

When the world awakened, there appeared tears in the tapestry of life, mysterious black holes that seem to be lead to another dimension, a world not unlike our own, where history has gone an alternate route. The imbalance has thinned the dividing threads between us and them. Slipping in through these black holes citizens find themselves facing a whole set of obstacles as they enter this new, unknown, but strangely familiar environment.

Shards of Phoenix ore are scattered everywhere, the longer they stay, the more black holes are created. If we do not hurry, the two worlds can merge irreversibly and balance will be forever lost.