Taik Pae and The Sword of Phoenix

It looks like Taik Pae`s strenuous labors have finally paid off; His hush-hush project is finally completed! Taik Pae approached a Koguryan soldier with a hand-sewn parchment and instructed him to pass this letter straight along to the King MuHyul. In this letter, Taik Pae goes on to describe the weapon he has created . Now, filled with excitement and reverie, Taik Pae is awaiting on an audience with King MuHyul.
Taik Pae may enjoy a lengthy journey, but in his heart he is most devoted to his King and Kingdom. It is smith’s dearest dream to meet the King face to face. And it looks like it is soon set to come true!
Although he wants to go on with his help in making his popular etched weapons line, it appears Taik Pae is just way to stressed to concentrate, and as such he does not take on new orders for now. It is in his plans however, to return to making these once he’s got a clearer mind.

As a sidenote, it appears that Walsuk, too, decided to abandon cooking for a bit. Since Taik Pae is no longer confided to the kilns, she feels she should use this time for personal rest and relaxation. If Taik Pae is hungry, he should go and fetch food himself!