Server Reset - December 9, 2011

* Winter in the kingdoms! Snow has reached the kingdoms and shop owners have decorated their buildings. Rumor has it that snowballs, candy canes, and presents aren't far behind.

* Santa Mhul is back and will be happening this year on the following dates:
Dec. 20th: 12 - 4 PM PST
Dec. 21st: 7 - 11 PM PST
Dec. 22nd: 1-5 PM PST

Bonus day: TBA

Minor updates for:
- Monk subpath; straw hats are now visible
- Alizarin clan
- Silla clan
- Viper clan
- Covenant clan
- Enigma clan
- Forsaken clan
- Fixed small bug with the gathering of salt blocks that would clear an entire stack of cloth dropped