Beard's Plight

These are trying times for the local Koguryan Smith Beard. It appears that his long lost brother, Taik Pae is in over his head meddling with things that ought not be meddled with.
It’s been many moons since young Taik Pae set off in search of that special something that he could smelt to make weapons the likes of which were never seen before! Beard and Taik Pae learnt their craft from their father, who was taught by his father in turn, so passion for blacksmithing is in their blood! But, while Beard was able to satisfy his desires in a rather popular city shop, Taik Pae just could not settle! And so, Taik Pae set off on his journey. At first, Beard received regular mails from Taik Pae, but as time went by, letters arrived less and less frequently…until they stopped coming altogether. Beard worried about his brother, but with time he figured that Taik Pae was just too busy or too far away to worry about letters, and so eventually Beard relaxed.

This all changed on the day that WinSong, a renowned scholar, visited his store. WinSong has been collecting pages from a Wizard’s Journal. Upon organizing his findings, he saw that one page did not belonged with the rest. This was a letter from a certain Taik Pae addressed to Beard. Recognizing the famed Koguryan Smith's name, WinSong headed to his shop right away. He wanted to make sure this letter finally reaches it’s intended recipient!
Beard was most happy to see a letter from his brother. But, then a great worry settled upon his face. The letter was dated over a year ago. It was sent just a month after the last letter Beard ever received before. Beard felt a sharp pang and screamed outloud for allowing himself to believe that everything was fine all this time!

As worrisome as he felt, Beard went on to read contents of this letter, where Taik Pae talked about his most recent venture – to a long lost mining area. Taik Pae then mentioned that he has met a hermit woman by the name of Dashae and that they are now living together, and that although he has “settled down”, he did not forget his dream of fining special ore to make that special alloy.

Folding the parchment, Beard thanked WinSong and headed promptly to the area Taik Pae described in this letter.

But, alas, fate was not on Beard’s side. Just a few days into the journey, Beard was climbing down a steep hole and fell. His leg felt limb and he could progress no further. Brokenhearted, he was helped back home.

Now, he is back at his shop and you can hear him soliciting every passer-by, trying to get them to go in his place. It was heard that Beard is offering his best goods as a reward for going after his brother.

Are you ready to tackle the elements and face the eminent fear that is Lost Mines?