Client Patch - August 3, 2011

* Added additional screenshot triggers to accomodate players without a scroll lock button: Use Ctrl+Shift+3 to take a .bmp screenshot and Ctrl+Shift+4 to take a .jpg screenshot

* Fixed a long standing bug that caused foxes in fox hunts to stop moving if they were surrounded on all sides except the north direction

* Several minor client and server bug fixes

Minor updates for:
* Alizarin clan
* Covenant clan
* Kurimja clan
* Viper clan
* Silla clan
* Enigma clan
* Nagnang Army
* Shaman subpath
* Tutors
* Added Kinung broadcast that functions similarly to Broadcast event

*** If you are running Windows Vista/7, make sure to run NexusTK as administrator (by right clicking the shortcut and selecting the option) for this patch ***