Server Reset - May 12, 2011

* Some clan helms that were repairable were changed to be non-repairable like all the others

* Primogen chat has been fixed so that people on other servers with clan chat off will receive the message

* Some Gogoon cave entrances have been fixed to check base stats instead of incorrectly checking extended stats

* Jewelry rings can now be sold to Lan (Buya) and Puyuhan

* Small/Medium/Large totem rings have had their endurance increased by 10,000

* Jewelry love/oath rings now sell to NPCs for 25% more

* The sam san quest will now double check that you want to sacrifice the stats you have selected

* The clan read karma script will now give the same results as the subpath versions. They would sometimes display two different results for people who happened to be on the threshold between levels.

As part of the constant process of evaluating the balance between classes, we have made the following changes for rogues:
* Blood stats (HP/MP)
- Sam: 7/14 => 9/18
- Sa: 8/16 => 14/28

* Nimble blade stats (HP/MP)
- Sam: 6/6 => 11.5/11.5
- Sa: 8/8 => 17.5/17.5

* Precision blitz aethers (Sa san spell)
- 300s => 180s