Love and Hate, Pride and Forgiveness

Xiou grew impatient with trying to discern the real pages of the Sea Witch's journal from the fake ones, so he decided to seek out the source: ReShor. He taunted her into a duel, and when she faltered, he took the journal and ran without even finishing the duel!

Xiou headed straight for the woman who stole his heart but also killed his father, the princess Lasahn. The ship's mage, a man named Torus, cast the spell, and the princess walked right into their waiting arms, dazed and unable to resist! Xiou must now decide what to do with her. Can she ever love him again? Can he ever forgive her for the death of his father?

WinSong has forgotten his pride and forgiven ReShor after hearing of ReShor's injury and the capture of Lasahn. He will now accept your journal pages, so bring them to him quickly!

Xiou must make his decision soon, so do not delay!

To be continued.