Don't forget where your loyalties lie

WinSong is not the only one interested in the wizards' journal that ReShor brought. Such power would be tempting for anybody seeking great power: somebody like Xiou, the new captain of his father Bluestone's ship. After taking charge of the Golden Coin, Xiou set out to make a fortune and a name for himself, and the quickest way to do this is with the power of the Sea Witch.

WinSong refuses to take ReShor's gifts of diary pages, but he is willing to help defeat Xiou. He has created a clever (but completely useless) spell, and he suggests that you can take it to Xiou for a reward!

You are now faced with a difficult choice. Which page should you give to Xiou? The page that can make him powerful or the page that can make him a fool?

Choose wisely.

To be continued.