Captain Kirriin?

Captain Kirriin?

Pirates... The more you try to get rid of them, the more they appear. It looks like the crews of Bluestone and ChenLee are not the only ones that dwell in the seas of Koguryian coasts. A new pirate ship has been spotted at the northern area of Dae Shore: The Hanseong.

Led by Captain Kirriin, this crew of pirates is not to be feared like the others we're used to. These pirates are not thieves, murderers or smugglers. They're simply adventurers of the seas, looking for hidden treasures and unexplored riches of the world.

We did find out a little more about Kirriin, who only likes to be called "Captain", it seems he tries to deny that he is a pirate. He thinks of himself more as a sailor, an adventurer and a challenging game is his favorite sport. He thinks his crew is the best and he despises what pirates like Bluestone does. He and his crew fought many battles against other pirates and because of that and getting shipwrecked a few times, 'The Hanseong' is a bit worse for wear. However, the ship is still capable of taking him and his crew from their lands, up the coasts of Han and to the shores of Ilbon.

Although he seems to be harsh with his crew, he does respect them very much. His younger brother, Bartolomeo, always takes the brunt of the Captains temper. The Captain refuses to believe that the sea monsters keep causing the damage to the ship and that Bartolomeo is just a bit lazy. Don't worry though Bartolomeo gets away with rude comments back to his brother. Kirriin is a calm person and normally doesn't lose his temper, but he values loyalty too much. If one of his crew were to betray him, they would be punished.

It has been said that Captain Kirriin plans to make landfall again shortly and visit the lands before returning to sail his ship, The Hanseong, back out to sea. We are unsure how long he will be staying so keep an eye out for his presence.