Server reset, Thursday, December 12/31/09

Server reset, Thursday, December 12/31/09
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

The end of the year is here and I would like to wish each of you a very happy New Year.
I will probably be doing one more day of Santa mug sometime after the New Year, it will only be open one hour for those who didnít get to come during the holiday. I will let you know more when I return after our New Years break. Thank you to each and every one of you who sent me cards and packages for the holiday, it is nice to know so many of you enjoy what I do. Thank you and I wish each of you the best New Year! Mine is already going well and its not even 12 midnight! I smile here!

I should have part one of the new project done some time next month but donít quote me because it is a very large project and most of it will still need to be tested. The new area will give players a new place to hunt, quest, all new items and more. I am looking forward to its release as I am sure you are looking forward to seeing it. I will give more details as I get closer to its release. I will probably have Nexus Atlas do a piece on it and send out a newsletter prior to the opening.

Wisdom star has vanished from the sky and the holiday items have been put away till next year.

Vortex bosses are back.