Return of the Mongols:

Still reeling from the death of Prince Kija, General Blight finds his beloved nation placed in the path of peril once again - the Mongols are now poised to route Blight and attack a vulnerable Nagnang.

Chejungi, known formerly as the legendary rogue Marasmus, returns to report a change upon the Mongolian-Nagnang front. He reports that despite the strong efforts of Blight's army to fight back the enemy from the fringes of Nagnang, a second Mongolian force, unbeknownst to Nangen intelligence, has been raised. The renewed second wave of the Mongols is now poised to route and strike Blight's force from the rear. Matters are only made worse by rumors of a third unidentified 'jade' army, with unknown intentions.

Further questions rear their ugly heads; how will the Mongolian front line be broken with Blight's army at a disadvantage? With no solution there will be no way for brave citizens to strike at the heart of the Mongol encampment. With no peace officially declared with the Northern powers, how will they regard Nagnang's potential loss of military security? How will the fighting men and women of the Kingdoms ever launch a counter-attack, while the Mongolian forward offensive remains strong? ... And what of this new mysterious jade army?

So many questions, so many obstacles to overcome - will there be no respite for the shattered nation of Nagnang? For now there is only the promise of wild destruction, the sound of galloping horse hurtling toward Nagnang to the tune of Mongolian drums and the inexplicable chill tangible to every citizen of the vulnerable nation of Nagnang.

((Players will have a week to finish the quest. The event will run from Wednesday, November 25, 2009 through Wednesday, December 2, 2009.))