The Secrets of the Alchemist

Driven by the dissenting voice of his fellow Elder and guided by the encouraging meows of the cat he's come to know as Curious, the old man, Cheyn, has finally unearthed what appears to be the Alchemist's and Curious' home.

Hidden by a thick forest and glaring out over an impenetrable swamp, an unnervingly old house glowers across the landscape. Staring upon it for the first time, Cheyn, considers the dilapidated building, foolishly even considering for a moment if merely looking at it would make it fall down. As he ponders on it, the cat, tucked under his arm, starts squirming and meowing heavily.

After a time, Cheyn loosens his grip and Curious wriggles free and bolts toward the house. Cheyn looks on with astonishment, as with what must be much practice, the cat deftly makes its way across the thick swamp and toward the house in mere moments.

Once upon the doorstep, the cat turns around one last time to look directly at Cheyn. Curious rolls over slowly and meows back at Cheyn, in what looks like affectionate gratitude before casually entering the foreboding building.

The old man can't help but to release one momentary smile, but what of this house? The cat's origin has been found, but what mysteries still lie within this strange abode? Does it hold treasures or traps? Who will be bold enough to brave the tricks within and seek the secret of the Alchemist?

((Please keep in mind that Kinung is a strict Role play town. If you speak out of character you can be removed from the town.))

((Players will have two week to finish the quest. The event will run from Thursday, October 22, 2009 through Thursday, November 5, 2009.))