Cash Payment Option

Kru Interactive has partnered with Rixty to provide players with a cash payment option for all Kru games. Players can purchase a Rixty Code with cash at any Rixty store location, including any Coinstar machine location. Players can then redeem the Rixty code for the same cash value, and purchase a registration or kruna coupon at the Rixty website. For more information please visit

Rixty Promotion

From October 5th to November 1st 2009, Rixty is holding a special launch promotion. Rixty users who cash in $30.00 or more at a Coinstar machine and redeem this value into their Rixty account will receive an extra $5.00 deposited directly into their Rixty account. (no mail-in or promotion signup required)

Rixty Cash Bonus Giveaway Promotion
Rixty Kru Shop