I lost what's mine!

I lost what's mine!

Heat rises from beneath the soil of the Northern Pass, melting the surrounding snow and creating an eerie, lingering fog. Animal habitants have scattered and an unearthly drone pierces through the air.

In response to these odd occurrences happening in the isolated north, a band of druids took it upon themselves to investigate. The fog, heavy and overwhelming, shadows the pass with images that toy with mortal sight. Several druids claim to have seen gallant figures roaming through the fog, clad in shining, golden armor.

The eye is subjective to becoming lost in the interpretation of a mind playing tricks... Close them. Shut them. Listen. The earth is quivering under a blanket of fog. What is lost in the fog can be found in what's yours and what's mine.

(Event begins on Thursday, October 8th and will run till around Thursday, October 15th.)