Back to work! (Coming soon!)

Back to work! (Coming soon!)

The Yon and Tae families have now settled in to their new home of Kinung, and just as the future was starting to look bright, Mupa barged into the ball and cast a shadow over the land once more! Yet, the Tae family is far too busy to give the witch a second thought and as they set up their new workshops just beyond the Forest of Elders, they prepare to practice their crafting skills once again!

It's not easy starting out anew! Even with all the extra help that has been provided by the community, many of the family are still in need of tools and supplies in order to begin their work.

If only there was some way of helping them to get back on their feet!
Perhaps if the community could lend a hand things would happen a lot quicker and in doing so they would surely earn the gratitude of the legendary crafters of Kinung.

((This event will begin next week Thursday, September 3rd and run until Thursday, September 10th.))