Server reset, Thursday, August 6, 2009

Server reset, Thursday, August 6, 2009
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* SanSin clan receives new board
* Dharma clan receives changes to NinaP (Meat scrap), Aria (Spring and Summer blouse)
* Heavenís clan receives new portals; changes to Sahabat (Travel to Tangun) and Bebe (buys Medium amber rings)
* Kugnae army receives changes to Se-Hong (Ink, White paper, Root liquor)
* Lost kingdom receives changes to Glee (Crafted wt amber)
* Tiger clan receives changes to Yuhwa (Grilled beef, Roost chicken, Fried egg), Alyeong (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Leather gowns) and ChinHwa (Tarnished wt amber)
* Destiny clan receives changes to Yori-Sa (Fried egg)
* Enigmaís room name was changed from Goridianís Knot to Gordianís Knot
* Forsaken receive changes to Flaps (Minor quest and Tigerís heart) and Sloth (Remove minor quest)
* Alizarin receives changes to Zooey (Crafted wt amber, Tarnished wt amber, Well cftd yw amber), Miru (Rice wine)

Subpath additions and fixes:
* Muse request for portal changes to Poetic Justice and banking for Wind Bouncer
* Monk request Karuna to be silent

* Major updates for Kinung (see above)

Bug fixes:
* Minor door issue in Buya Fox hunt area, removed 2nd set of doors.