Reconstruction begins!

Reconstruction begins!

Haggard Witch, Cheyn, and Teikari were noticed conversing in Kinung shortly before the sun set one evening. Ecstatic with their decision to rebuild the once great town of Kinung, they made a point of speaking to the community about what they wished to see constructed. However, in the middle of their discussion the sky suddenly turned dark with the wings of birds. Seemingly unprovoked, these crows descended upon them and the community. It is suspected that Mupa was behind the incident involving these normally docile creatures. This experience caused Cheyn and Teikari to intensify their plan to reconstruct Kinung.

Now with a strong desire to build the village as quickly as possible to protect them from these foul creatures, the Yon and Tae families have enlisted able-bodied workers to assist them in the re-construction of their village.

Dae shore is sure to be bursting with activity today as ships full of goods are exported to Kinung to keep the laborers bustling. Don't hesitate to jump aboard one of the porter's vessels carrying shipments into Kinung from time to time as the wonderfully chosen fabricators build the village of Kinung!

While this is a wonderful day for the Tae and Yon families, there is a foreboding atmosphere over Kinung right now. Many of the workers have mentioned glimpsing something lurking in the shadows. Is there any truth to their rumors, or are they simply delusions of the fatigued craftsmen?

((Please keep in mind that Kinung is a strict Role play town. If you speak out of character you can be removed from the town.))

((Players will have one week to donate items. The event will run from Thursday, August 6, 2009 through Thursday, August 13, 2009.))