Kinung Found:

<> Citizens have noticed Cheyn and Teikari wondering around the kingdoms as of late. They appear to be looking for that perfect place to call home. After much deliberation between the two, they decided it would be best to head for the Tae family's lost village nestled in the lands somewhere south of the known kingdoms. Mupa's ice storm has passed and the snow has melted. The cool summer breeze has once again returned to the kingdoms. The winds are perfect for sailing! Follow the Tae and Yon to the land they will call home! Many years have passed and nature has overtaken much of what remained of the Tae village. There is much work to be done. Will you help them restore their village to its prior glory?

Cheyn has also stated the following:

Dear citizens of Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang, and the Wilderness:

I have ensorcelled several boats to travel under their own power from the Kingdoms to Kinung! They will take you to our lands and back. I’m afraid there’s not much to see there, yet. But you’ll get an idea of what we need by taking a look around! Once we have our city plan set, we’ll start collecting materials.

You can find the boats on Dae Shore, among the Buya Islets, in northern Nagnang, and south of the Wilderness village.

Tae Family Elder