Mythic Guardians:

<> Over the past few moons, there have been reports of increased activity in the Mythic caves. The champions of each family are appearing more frequently and appear to be preparing for some sort of attack. Each mythic animal has made numerous alliances with members of the community and the citizens should be safe, so what could they be up to? The families are known for not being very trusting; they will only speak with those who they consider exalted among them. What lies in store for the adventurer who completes their task?

With all of this increased suspicion, the Mythic Guardians have become less concerned with who else you kill while in their service. They will permit you to slay other creatures while in their service, but will only recognize your completion once you have destroyed their enemies. This gracious gesture of the Mythic Guardians will be extended to all forms of an alliance.

((While killing bosses for your alliances, you may now concurrently kill any number of other things without your boss kills being erased.))

((Greater alliances can now be attempted at Il san. A new alliance is now available to players Ee san and above with 3 greater alliances completed.))