Robo Smasher and Nexus Crossover Event

Robo Smasher has officially launched into Open Beta. To promote the release of Kruís new game, Kru will be hosting a Crossover Event with Nexus. To participate in this event, simply create a Robo Smasher character and play. Once your Robo Smasher character has reached level 15, you can get 1000 Kruna for your Nexus account (only one per account) by submitting your character for verification. A website will soon be available so you can submit your Robo Smasher character. Players will also receive a special bonded item "Thane's Robot" for getting to level 15. This item is a pet which will be dyeable by using the kruna potions.

This is a limited time event, so hurry and get started at

Note: Robo Smasher has higher system requirements than Nexus. Please make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements. Also, if you helped with our closed beta test and still have the game installed, please uninstall it and download the new launcher.