Shifting Snow ((Wednesday, July 1st through Wednesday, July 15th))

Barging into a witch's lair is not as simple as one may think. Brute force is effective against the elements in their neutral state, but when magic is as wicked and as dark as a serpent's heart, not even the greatest warrior can break the infernal barriers protecting Mupa's Ice Dungeon. Mupa anticipated the community's arrival and was not sitting dormant within the Arctic's sullen state.

Tabae's death may have been Mupa's error, for her limits are no longer barred by mortal flesh. She sees beyond the Dungeon walls and witnesses her failure as the YuRang villlage's protector -- the Yon and Tae families are held captive and held against their will, fulfilling Mupa's wishes to build a kingdom that will one day suppress her enemies. Mystics of surreal beauty guard the witch's lair with a front that deceive their enemy, and demons of the snow showcase a strength that is demonic and overwhelming in entirety - the dark arts that only Sagu would have mastered.

The Haggard Witch and Tabae urge the community to save the families for the sake of the entire Nexus, as it is guaranteed that if Sagu's Kingdom is built, no mastery of weaponry, armory, and architecture can surpass the works of those who would build such a warehouse of power - the Yon and Tae.

The barriers that protect the Ice Dungeon will falter on the New Moon. History revisits us in an encased vessel of time, seemingly puppeteering the silver threads of mortal souls...

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