The Catapult is here! ((Monday, June 29th, 4pm PST/7pm EST))

Often withdrawn and removed from the daily vibrancy of the kingdoms, the heart of the Arctic North now broods over an evil that has tainted the delicacy of the soft, snowy cold. Carried upon brisk winds, a solemn voice can be heard piercing the night's silence. To some, it is a song of lost love, a helpless romanticist whose heart aches; to others, it is a death knell upon the lands, an eerie siren that alerts the kingdoms to their feet.

The time for our assault is nigh. With the help of the Kingdoms' smiths and the resources collected by the community, the Haggard Witch has constructed a catapult to bring down the towering gates of Mupa's Ice Dungeon. The Kingdoms are called to arms in aiding the Haggard Witch against Mupa and her dark forces.

Mupa is just a stretch beyond the Ice Dungeon's gates... however the ghostly visage of Tabae has news that this endeavor will not be your typical ordeal. Brandish your weapons and polish your steel, for you will be fighting to save the families.

(( This portion of the event is scheduled for Monday, June 29th, 4pm PST/7pm EST. ))