Server reset, Friday, June 12, 2009

Server reset, Friday, June 12, 2009
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Fixed bug with younger players not being able to enter into training grounds.

Pyung didn't like to give the Participate feature to the players so some of the players and I gave him a pet to cheer him up. The pet now lets you Reincarnate (full mana/vita) and Observe. I do want to thank those players who helped me test the bug and pick out the new pet. Pyung seems very pleased.

The doors were blocked to SanSin's new room but those doors have been fix and now allow you into the room.

Minor map update was given to Phoneix's Nest.

Item shop has a new Golden hair potion, new shade colors, new Sun glasses colors and new woven bag colors. We have also added back in the pom skirt and pawe (girls) and the pom garb and paw (guys) for those of you who requested it. Enjoy!