Nangen Treasury: Immortals' Keepsake

(( This event will take place on May 11th, 6pm PST/9pm EST ))

The word of Prince Kija's death not only chimed across the lands, but across the seas as well. With the anxiety in Nagnang and the outbreak of war, the Ilbon pirates saw this as ample opportunity for the taking of the late Prince's treasury.

But the glimmer and shimmer of the Prince's treasury aren't the only things that entice the pirates. Nagnang's Treasury contains artifacts that date back to the days when the totem guardians roamed freely along the lands. These treasures have been labeled as gifts from the Heavens that are passed down to the rightful heirs of the Nagnang throne.

Knowing, too, that the fighting in MuHyul's Armageddon has dimmed, the sly Ilbon pirates thought they'd make an easy getaway with the late Prince's treasures across the hushed battlefield. But before they could reach their ship with the heavenly treasures, lightning struck down each and every one of them (in this realm, you can bet that lightning does strike the same place twice).

Now, scattered across the battlefield are parts of the Nangen treasury. Understandably, the Heavens are allowing the mortals to secure possession of these treasures under two conditions. First - the mortals must agree to defend these treasures from all pirates who attempt to take them. Secondly - all mortals with exceedingly greater strength and magic will humble themselves before attempting to take these treasures (( players above 300,000 vita and/or 150,000 mana will enter the field with stat balancers* )). To ensure fairness the Immortals have agreed to unearth these treasures on a specific day (( May 11th, 6pm PST/9pm EST)).

Unsure about how to handle the situation, the nations' greeters have decided to absolve themselves from the task of guiding citizens to the battlefield on that day. Heaven, however, has decided to open the Great Gate to those who will meet their conditions.**

Will the Blood War continue to rage on despite these odd disruptions made by pirates and the Immortals themselves?

(( *Important: If your stats are Il san+, you should enter the left side (red tile) of the Great Gate. If you are below il san stats, enter from the right (blue tile). You will then be sent to the Bloodlust League Hall (if you are il san+) or League Hall (if you are under il san+), but do NOT enter the Bloodlust/Carnage hall via the regular NPC. Click on the green NPC who will take you to your nation's base in MuHyul's Armageddon. Again, DO NOT PAY THE FEE AND ENTER THE BLOODLUST/CARNAGE HALL VIA THE REGULAR NPC. IF YOU IGNORE THIS DISCLAIMER YOU WILL BE EXTREMELY BORED BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T READ THE ABOVE. ))

(( ** The Great Gate can be reached through Vale or via the cave at the base of Tiger's Steps.
DATE: Monday, May 11th, 6pm PST/9pm EST))