The Blood War...

The Blood War...

The last of Nagnang's royal bloodline has perished. Prince Kija of Nagnang was assassinated by Hawkmori, a member of the Legion of Nagnang, during a Defender Ceremony where the finest representatives of Nagnang were honored. The possibility of such an atrocious event manifesting in a room completely filled with Nagnag's citizens and Her allies is surreal. Unbeknownst to all those who attended, Hawkmori's intentions were premeditated. Realizing the naivety of assumed-security amongst the Nangen people, he adopted the persona of a Nangen soldier, thus earning the respect of his peers and a position within the army to protect the Prince during the ceremony. Hawkmori was a long-standing member of the army, thus making things easier for him to slip by with a fatal attack.

But when considering the situation, why did Hawkmori take it upon himself to assassinate his own Prince? What reasons did he have to fool his peers over the course of several months? Was he perhaps hired by the Buyans who constantly hear the threats of Nagnang echoing from the South? Or was he hired by the Koguryians who fear the economic growth of their ally? The people of the Wilderness have kept very quiet through this ordeal, is that a sign of thier guilt? Or, perhaps he was more than likely hired by his own countrymen, who do not disdain from showing their distaste towards the Prince. After all, The Nagnang Army and Forsaken clan have been at each other's throats for years. Was this civil animosity the exact opportunity that Hawkmori was waiting for, or did it just complement his plan?

With no leader for the Army and chaos in the Nagnang government, what will happen to the Army of Nagnang and the Ministry? Kija had no heirs.

The Ministry of Nagnang and the Primogens have started their search for answers. King Mhul of Koguryo and Princess Lasahn of Buya vemehntly deny any involvement with Hawkmori, but Nagnang is not accepting that as an answer. In order to protect their citizens, Mhul and Lasahn urge their people to be on watch to defend themselves for anything that happens. The wilderness seems to be keeping to themselves, but they would not dare let an Army defile thier land in an attempt at revenge.

No Kingdom is safe from the violence that will ensure during this scury for answers. Spontaneous battles are possible, even outside of the Kingdom walls. The greeters of each nation -- Honi, Yoni, the nameless Nagnang Ambassador, and the Wilderness' Rotah have prepared combat coats for the impending battles. Due to the lack of supplies, however, each patriot will only be issued one set of armor. Do not lose it.

This, is the Blood War!

((War fighting will be PK death at this time. You will not lose experience, items, or durability due to PK death.))