Hip, hop, hooray!

Hip, hop, hooray! Easter is here with all the lovely eggcentric eggs! A little bunny told me that there just might be different types of eggs. I suppose you will need to figure that mystery out. What could these eggs be hiding?

Kingdom astrologists have been researching the abundance of eggs. One team released a formal statement saying that, "Due to the Wisdom star's strange and fast moving orbit patterns recently, it has affected the mating rituals of the bunnies."

Large colonies of bunnies were discovered near shorelines. It appears that the bunnies could have been exposed to the mystical light of the Wisdom star a little too much! There have been claims of the eggs scattered in Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang, the Woodlands, the Wilderness, Mythic Nexus and Tangun.

In other news, yet somehow related to the bunnies, a group of citizens broke into a large warehouse in Nagnang to steal several different costumes. These costumes were used to protest the recent studies conducted on the bunnies and their eggs! This group made sure to spread the costumes around the Kingdoms in hopes that their odd objection to the testing and their animal rights movement be taken seriously!

Be wary, citizens, for these costumes will eventually be confiscated, and all of the mystical eggs will all eventually be collected. Hurry and begin collecting as soon as possible!