Santa M'hul Returns:

Citizens of Nexus,

Each year there is a huge celebration in the lands for the holiday season. Snow has fallen and decorations have been placed all over the Kingdoms.

Santa M'hul, Lasahn and Kija are at it again this year bringing special gifts to each boy and girl. So bring out your Holiday cheer, comfortable shoes and a snack to help you get through those crazy mazes!

Santa M'hul begins:
Monday, 12/15/08 at 5:00PM PST (8:00PM EST)

Additional days:
Saturday, 12/20/08 at 5:30 PM PST (8:30PM EST)
Monday, 12/22/08 at 3:00AM PST (6:00AM EST)

Gifts will be handed out once again, but only for a short while. ((Limit one per character)). Those who attempt to receive a second gift will be sent to the inns. Please be courteous to those who have not received a gift by granting them the opportunity to seize one. Once again, Happy Holidays to all and we look forward to continuing the season of gift giving!

((Please keep in mind it is limited to one per character and all gifts are random.))