Nexus Fan Kruna Bonus!!

Nexus Fan Kruna Bonus!!

In celebration of the second year since the Item Shop's official release, mug, Cup and KRU Interactive, Inc are sending out a special kruna delivery bonus to all registered NexusTK patrons. Register your account before the 20th of November and receive a wonderful gift of Kruna!

On Thursday, November 20th, Nexus, The Kingdom Of The Winds will release a large amount of Kruna to all registered players.

How do I find the Item shop? Just log into and find many great items to customize your character!

Depending on the length of time your character's account has been with us will determine the amount of Kruna you will receive. Here is the list below.

1998 = 900 Kruna
1999 = 800 Kruna
2000 = 700 Kruna
2001 = 600 Kruna
2002 = 500 Kruna
2003 = 400 Kruna
2004 = 300 Kruna
2005 = 250 Kruna
2006 = 200 Kruna
2007-2008 = 150 Kruna

Please read the License Agreement carefully by going to the "Download" section of the website if you have any questions.

All accounts must be registered by the 20th of November in order to receive the Kruna. Anything past this date will not be eligible for the bonus Kruna. Get those accounts registered today!