Who done it?

There is a strange mist that flows over the lands and a portal to the spirit village Yu Ryang has somehow reopened. Its keeper, Tabae, once again implores for the community's aid, but this time to help untangle an unsolved mystery.

The Yon family has been accused of murdering the elder of the Tae family Cheyn, over a speculation of conspiracy. They stated that they stole the Tae family's crafting goods and refuse to return them. Naturally, this snowballed into a vicious division between the families that resulted in the Yon and Tae virtually killing each other off... or was it really them? But, as the saying goes, "death is not the end," and poor Tabae knows this all too well; for even through death, the families still quarrel!

Clues come in several forms and from a network that expands beyond the village. Open your ears and listen. Seriously, open your ears. There are obstacles and spider webs that will do all they can to slow you down in your search for the clues. If you are caught in a web you have no choice but to return home.

((You will have from Friday, October 24th till Early afternoon Thursday, November 6th to solve this case.))