Sa San Arrives:

Nngh'Zan and his Council:

Deep within the earth is a battle brooding into war. The Nngh'Zan, a dark and manipulative being unknown to many, has turned the underworld into a crazed bloodbath. The creatures of the underworld have drawn their weapons against each other, slaying those who oppose the direction of the Nngh'Zan. The ogre tribe in particular has become a frenzied band of murderers and deceivers.

Some mortal minds are aware of the presence of the Nngh'Zan, but have not yet found a reason to fear his presence. Soon, however, having already defeated his Overlord and breaking the Nngh'Zan seal, they will discover the hatred of the underworld's rising leader.

Nngh'Zan and his council have neared their goal in ruling over the creatures of the underworld. It is only a matter of time before they embark on their ultimate goal in ruling over the mortals in the land of the living. There is said to be a trail to find safe passage to the dark room where a lonely ogre seeks to take revenge on the powerful Nngh'Zan. The council comes with a force that only the strong and knowledgeable can suppress, but are the powerful mortals willing to set aside their differences and band together to defeat the Nngh'Zan himself?

The Malevolent Clan:

Hidden for the mass, a violent military group has formed a camp south of Koguryo.
They call themselves Kaojin, but considering their nature, we might very well call them 'The Malevolent Clan'. They have given up their free will to follow the orders of their iconic leader, Saulabi Wansu. Power is everything to them. They organize their ranks not by experience or knowledge, but by a hierarchy of bloodthirsty strength. Very little is known about their culture, or their origins, but it is believed they have gathered troops from nearby lands. Of Saulabi Wansu, this much is known: he is a revolutionary maniac that desires to conquer the kingdoms and build an empire of his own. Surely he has lived through many challenges to reach the point where he finds himself ready to achieve this goal. This may all sound too hard to be achieved by such a mysterious man, but I must beg you, loyal citizens, to not underestimate this man! His strength is said to be unlimited, and his soldiers consider him to be a demi-god! Arm yourselves and help destroy this malevolent clan and their revolution once and for all! Should you choose to ignore this warning, these cruel enemies might tear this time of peace apartů

Seyn's Arrival:

Drawn to a calling by a threatening power, the Totem Guardians descended into the mortal realm seeking a sanctuary to summon the beckoning domination. With the assistance of concerned followers of the guardians, the community banded together to successfully lead their Guardians to the center of the wilderness where the arcane power repelled their presence. Chung Ryong's valiant warriors were the quickest to trudge onwards, Hyun moo's devoted poets guided their master with comfort and resolve, Ju Jak's mages fiercely led their guardian to its sanctuary with a means-end passion, and Baekho's cunning rogues proved to be the most tactful.

Upon the Totem Guardians finding their sanctuary, their disciples beckoned the power that summoned their masters. To their call, a fleeting figure of unearthly stature appeared from the darkened outskirts of the wilderness. His name is Seyn, and his message is blunt: "Only those with the pure of heart will be given the approval by the totems in harnessing a power once embodied by the Nexus' wickedest enemies."

Encaged beneath the center of the Vortex is a power suppressed by the will of the Totems. On its surface, Seyn mysteriously and questionably treads a path. He awaits those who have earned the fourth mark of honor, Sa San, and only those who have been humbled by the Totem Guardians.

Minor Quest Changes:

There have been major updates with the Minor quest section of the game.

New and even unregistered players will be able to start Minor quest. New players can find Minor quest on the merchants Chaoxiang, Soin and Mi-jue inside Tangun.

For older players a new system has been added to let you do more than one Minor quest a day depending on your age and how many Minor quest you have currently completed. You will only receive experience on your first Minor quest each day. Any extra quest you complete during the day will receive no additional experience.

There has been an increase for Il san, Ee san, Sam san and now Sa san experience once you complete a minor quest.

Group of Thirteen:

Groups of players have noticed stronger forces are coming out and attacking their Kingdoms. A mysterious mist has passed over all the lands and the citizens notice they may now groups thirteen lucky people while fighting these forces.