Pet and Pet dyes are released!


The Beast Master acquired an incredible amount of wealth after selling his wagon-full of pet rabbits to the people of the kingdoms, so he decided to collect more and more creatures he could sell out of his cart. Fantastic, cute, cool - he grabbed all that he came across. Through his expeditions throughout caverns, fields, forests; without bias he would capture all the animals he could if he thought they would fetch him a sizeable amount of money. You can spot him often now, wandering the kingdom roads with his cart of strange and fantastic creatures in tow. His clothes are ripped and his body cut, bruised, and burned from collecting all of them into their cages, yet he still carries a smile. Could it be because he knows how popular they will be with the community? No one really knows.

Pet dyes!

** WARNING ONLY THESE PETS CAN USE THIS DYE FEATURE: Squirrel, Puppy. Piglet, Pig, Fox, Chicken, Skeleton, Cobra, Snake, Rat, Centipede, Cat, Ghost, Sheep, Lobster and Panda. **

Visitors to Scribe's Mountain's have found the old wizard Zephyr in a nervous state these days. Rumors have it that he has been trying to cover up his affection for a small squirrel he has taken as a pet from those who would come to scribe or mix potions in peace. However, we now know that Zephyr claims to have found a clever way to keep his dear friend close while at same time leaving the visitors undisturbed. The old wizard concocted a potion to be mixed in with the squirrel's food which would instantly turn the animal a white color. Why white? We're not really sure, but some have reported that since then, they have sometimes seen a pair of eyes peeking out of Zephyr's long beard.

Disciples of Zephyr who witnessed this feat began to try concocting their own elixirs which would turn animals not only white, but other colors as well. They now have joined their efforts to sell these bottles of potion to the community for a low price. Remember! Just one drop in your pet's food is all you need!