Server reset, Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Server reset, Wednesday, July 30, 2008
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Destiny clan receives update to merchant Yori-Sa (Chef) and new merchant Migel (Broadcast events and send parcel)
* Nagnang army receives new merchant Hagsaki (Sell Army helm and spears, Scale mail, Spring mail dress and Kindred talisman), Xaigu (Broadcast events and Clan summons), Minor update to Nagnang captain.

Subpath additions and fixes:
* Minor map update for Do
* Minor update for Diviner

* Fixes to the pet system: You will only be able to use Alpha lettering from now on with pets. Due to abuse some Legends were removed from players. Blade storm should no longer do much damage to players if pet walks on spot.
* Minor map fix to a small area on Tangun map which will keep players from blocking others.