The Beast Master!

For many years, adventurers have sat around campfires and shared tall tales about a beastly man that lives within the Mythic rabbit dungeon.

While these stories share common elements to them, the stories do not always agree on who he is: in some tales he was the first human to perform a Greater Alliance with the Mythic rabbits, yet in other versions he is claimed to be nothing more than a crazy Geomancer who contracted the rare disease 'Leporidaemania', making him think he too was a rabbit. Some of the more outlandish stories even go so far to say he is some kind of half-man, half-rabbit creature known as the 'Were-rabbit'.

No one ever thought these stories held any element of truth to them until a strange man came to Buya with a wagon full of rabbits, offering to sell them as pets to whoever can afford his prices...

Some may be astonished when they hear the prices this beast master asks for the more exotic rabbits, but bear in mind he braved great dangers to catch and tame some of the wildest creatures known to the land.

((For those who live in Tangun you will be able to find this Wild Beast Master, however, he will only sell to you if you intend to stick around.))