50% Extra Bonus for Kruna - July only!

As you know it is our 10 year anniversary with Nexus, Kingdom of the Winds and with this we are doing a special gift to all our players this month only!

All Kruna Coupons purchased July 3rd till end of July will be given an additional 50% bonus!

That's right that means you will get the following amounts for your purchases!

$10 Kruna Coupon = 1500 Kruna
$30 Kruna Coupon = 5000 Kruna

We will be having a very large update soon in the shop but for now enjoy the items you have wanted to get with the fabulous extra kruna bonus!

This bonus deal will only last for the month of July, so buy your kruna now!

** Coupons must be purchased starting July 3rd through July 31st and used before August 1st. **