mugs foreign celebration!

mugs foreign celebration!

One day Dreamweaver mug decided to roam the lands outside of the Tri-Kingdom vicinity. Upon his travels he noticed a young girl standing at the Northern border gate of the Kingdom of Koguryo. He approached the girl and questioned why she was not entering the kingdom. "I am not a Koguryian." she replied. The Dreamweaver quickly quirked his brow as he looked at the girl and retorted; "So? Many non-Koguryians come here everyday!" She let out a sigh and turned away, situating herself behind all her belonging under the shade the Kingdom gate.

In response to the girl's sadness, the Dreamweaver placed a small token in her hand. "This is a gift for you! I've run out of books, but I saved a lot of special gift tokens!" the Dreamweaver gleamed. The girl, confused, responded again - "I am not Koguryian." Dreamweaver mug retorted once more - "So?!"

The girl began to laugh at the situation and decided to open up the token, receiving her gift from the Dreamwaver. The Dreamweaver folded his arms and smiled. "You may not be Koguryian, Buyan, Nangen, nor a Wilderness dweller - but you are still apart of my Nexus realm. You and so many others are the reason why I smile here."
Starting [Friday, June 20th] and ending [Sunday, June 29th] any players who purchase a 3300 Kruna coupon will receive a complementary Gift token courtesy of KRU Interactive, Inc. (1)

The Gift token contains:
*an in-game bank slot
*an in-game legend mark (Different from the book event)
*a special Gift token that offers the chance to win a rare, in-game item! These items will be different from the first contest.(2)

Important: In order to receive this special package, players must purchase 3300 Kruna and enter their account number on the special website.

(1) Participants of the book giveaway may not participate in this event. All Gift tokens are limited to one per account.
(2) The Gift token code will be emailed to your account listed on file.
(3) This contest is open to all non-US residents who were unable to participate in the past book event.
(4) Only accounts that have been registered for at least 3 months will be allowed to participate.
(5) You will be able to give the Gift token to any of the characters registered on the account.