Wisdom Star gets closer!

King MuHyul's astrology and alchemy advisor has heralded the return of the Wisdom Star. In one moon's time, the three celestial minors will be in alignment and the Wisdom Star will wake from its slumber, bathing us all in its pure light.

Scholars and swordsmen alike have always anticipated the coming of the sacred star, as with its light comes good fortune. When the star finds its niche in the night sky, its radiance envelops mortal minds and sharpens their wits, thus inducing all walks of life the ability to gain better experience on the challenges that reside in hunting lairs.

Some of the greatest achievements of the past were made during the high rise of the Wisdom Star, and now, once again, the opportunity to reach great goals is nearing. Let us all rejoice in the Wisdom Star's return!

((The Wisdom Star will be returning on 6/19/08 and will fade away on 6/23/08 so get your accounts registered today!)