Win King MuHyul's Picture Book!

Many kings have come and gone with little known about them or the events that took place during their reign. It is for this reason that I wish to have my life and the events that have revolved around my rule transcribed into a manuscript as guidance for future Kings and the Koguryian people. History not only inspires great story tellers to voice what may become story or lore, it also serves the purpose of reminding our descendants of the past and the events that shaped their present days. Moreover, it is the lesson learned from these historic events that should be contemplated by future advisories and council, especially the ruling sovereign. Entries should not exceed two parchments, and should be submitted to Sungil, a trusted Hyun Moo disciple and friend of the late King's. ((Send your entries before April 28th!))

In event of this recent interest, I am holding a competition for all scholars and historians in the lands to write a detailed manuscript of my rule as King of Koguryo.

The winning entries will receive a picture book drawn by a very important artist who once was close to my father, the late King Yuri.


King of Koguryo

(( Winners will receive a Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds comic book courtesy of Kru Interactive, Inc. and Nexon Corporation. All winners must be registered to win. Entries must be sent to the character Sungil inside the game. Contest will run from April 21st through April 28th. Winners must provide a United States postal address to qualify. Winners outside the United States can receive their prize if they have a willing U.S. recipient who will forward it to them. Books can only be shipped inside the United States.))