New Item Shop release!

White bear

It's snuggly, it's cute! These adorable baby bears have been trained, much like the cats, to adorn your head and give you life long companionship! Make sure to feed them and give them proper attention, or else... well, you know bears!

(The Item Shop is NOT responsible for the actions of the bears.)

Nulgun face

Tired of the same old expressions? Does your face need new character?


Oh, my, how attractive you look! Really, we mean it. You are absolutely radiant. This face will add that special shine and -- oh, what am I saying? This face is for elderly folk, and it shows!


Everyone was in envy when they saw Her Highness Princess Lasahn wearing a gorgeous golden purse. This exclusive item took in much attention, thus the tailors of Buya began to mass release them, and in various colors! We hope you enjoy this very interesting new selection.

Masked shinobi

Mystery... intrigue... fashion? Express your darker side with this new mask. Not only will you be hiding your face in style, but everyone will think that hair is real! Ideal for those with secret job endeavors.

Shinobi tunic

It's here! The Shinobi tunic is a one of a kind leather based armor with matching cuffs. This tunic is great for long walks in the dragon pits, blood-stained tea parties and other important social

Masked kunoichi

Mystery... intrigue... fashion? The masked shinobi with a spin-off look. A side-swept hair with a tail fashioned to the mask. Mystery is the new fashion!

Kunoichi tunic

A lightweight version of the Shinobi tunic. Leather based armor with matching cuffs. No matter the occasion you'll be dressed to fight, and match at the same time!